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  Entrance doors
   Sliding doors
    (Tilt & Slide)
  Roof windows
  Garage doors

Aluskin (Aluplast) PSK - Tilt & Slide

At standard

   5-chamber profile
   Constructional depth 70 mm
   Excellent thermel insulation properties
   Low Energy rating Glass unit 4/16 Ar /4T, U=1.0 W/m²K
   Hard steel – U profile
   Aesthetic sealing in black colour
   Safety ironmongery
   Glazing bead in a standard shape
   Modern shape of a metal handle
   Hinges covers in the colour of a handle
   Protection profile under each window for easy transport


  Optional triple glass unit
  Optional hight safety ironmongery (WK-1 or WK2)
  Optional glazing bead round shape
  Optional Glass unit with warm spacer



Delivery time
All standard products in standard colour (see on the left) 15-20 business days
Transport 5 working days


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