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The conservatory is a room filled with sunlight and vegetation and has a specific climate. Here you can decorate a room that allows a perfect stay, and therefore enlarge the living space at home. Conservatories can fulfill various functions, for example. A conservatory for the cultivation of thermophilic plants, or a lounge filled with light and overlooking the garden.





Certainly you have already considered what possible needs your conservatory should meet. Below we mention only the most important elements which we need to be informed about in order to prepare an estimate for your construction.

  • Roof :

    Decide yourself whether your conservatory should act as a year-round or just a seasonal room. The answer will help us select a suitable thermal roof insulation for you. We offer cold as well as warm roofs. For those extremely warm ones 2-chamber glazing is applied whereas for the cold ones a tempered single pane is installed.

    Depending upon your climate and snow fall load zone (to prepare an offer we need the country and postal code of wherever the conservatory is to be installed) we fit and properly space the beams, bolts, and supports. You will also be offered a fill for the side walls, which is further explained below.

  • Glass or … :
    The most frequently chosen material for the roof is a 1-chamber glass pane. What this means is that from the outside a climate-change-resistant, tempered 6 mm glass is applied whereas inside is 44.2 glass – a laminated pane that effectively suppresses any noise, for example the sound of raindrops. However nowadays customers desire 2-chamber glazing – consisting of 3 glass panes. It also happens that stained or reflective glass is requested as well as other kinds.

    Occasionally, customers ask for chambered polycarbonate panes to be used in their roofs.

  • The filling of side walls :
    It is up to you whether the side walls will be able to open and how they will do so. They may be either hinged (opening either inwards or outwards), sliding, or folding doors, or just large sliding glass surfaces. More information about the opening systems will be found under this link.

  • Ventilation :
    A glazed conservatory will gain temperature quite quickly on sunny days therefore you should consider what type of ventilation will perfectly meet your needs. Perhaps you will need an opening roof window? Would under-or-over-pane vents – mounted into the side walls and making air-exchange between the room and the garden easier even with all windows closed – be a good choice?

  • Shading :
    In what way do you plan to protect yourself from too much sun? Why not use a set of blinds for the roof or for the side wall? Or maybe you are looking for shutters? Either way you may mount them indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Lighting :
    If you claim you don’t need any, because the conservatory will be used only in the light of day you should deeply reconsider – what if lighting would be something you will think of in the future?

    For that reason you may choose some of the LED lighting we offer. The lighting system is fully compatible with any roof profile, the wiring is completely invisible, splendidly hidden in the aluminium profiles and ideally corresponding with them.

  • Heating :
    If the conservatory is a year-round room, you have undoubtedly considered a convenient solution for warming it up.

  • Colour :
    Any RAL or NCS colour is available as well as a wide variety of wood-structure paints. An identical colour is applied both on the inside and on the outside.


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