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Frequently Asked Questions
1.How to order?

If the offer that we send you is compatible with what you want, you simply return the last page of it signed. Then, we place a pro-forma invoice in which you will find all of the details of the agreement. You are asked to set 50% of the cost to start production. Finally, we will contact you to set the remaining 50% before loading. The production is launched as soon as we receive the deposite. We arrange delivery as soon as the payment is on our account. However, we can settle the special agreement between you and us.

2.What payment methods do you accept?

The payment method we use is a bank transfer. We recommend you to contact your bank because all of the regulations are done via the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area).

3.What about unloading?

For our delivery, we work with various companies specialized transport. However, the driver is not responsible for unloading the goods. Unloading should be done by your own care.

4.What if my product is damaged or broken?

Win2Trade takes great care to ensure that your products arrive safely at the desired adress. However, it may happen that some products do not arrive in the perfect state. If you find any failure during unloading, we recommend you to take a photo exactly where damage is visible. Additionally, please write down all your coments concerning the damages on the CMR waybill and make a photo of this document as well. What is more, it is crutial for us to have a photo of registration number of a delivery truck. As all the products that we deliver are formally insured, the information that you will provide are neccesary for us to set further procedures.

If during loading you have seen no failures, but when the product is unpacked and placed and then you notice that something is wrong, take pictures and send them to us as well.

We will do our best to solve these potential problems with a full attention and quick timing. But first, we have to identify the problem. Thus, the photos are essential.

Anyway, please contact us as soon as possible and remember to send the photos.

5.How long do I have to wait for a quote?

We will send you a quote within 2 days.

6.Would it be possible to make an appointment or have a visit of your representative in our site?

We are located in Poland. We have no showroom in your country. To know more about our company and our products we invite you to visit our website. You can also call us directly and receive an answer to your question from our professional sales staff.

In any case, if you want to visit us here in Poland, you are most welcome. Our headquarter is located in the city of Bialystok about 180 km from Warsaw to the North-East. The nearest airport is in Warsaw.

7.Can I have a sample (angle, color palette, ...)?

Obviously, the samples are free of charge if their delivery is included with an order. If not, we ask you to pay the cost of transport (about 30 € for a corner).

8.Is there a chance to place an order for one window only?

Yes, it is possible but you should know that the cost of transport for one window is actually higher than for a greater number of windows.

9.Should we adjust the VAT?

If your company has an intra-community VAT number and is located outside Poland you do not have to pay it. Otherwise you have to pay VAT at the rate of the buyer’s country. For Germany it is 19%, France 20%, Belgium, Netherlands 21%, Greece 24%.

«VAT on goods moving between Member States
No frontier controls exist between Member States and therefore VAT on goods traded between EU Member States is not collected at the internal frontier between tax jurisdictions. Goods supplied between taxable persons (or VAT registered traders) are exempted with a right to deduct the input VAT (zero-rated) on despatch if they are sent to another Member States to a person who can give his VAT number in another Member State. This is known as an “intra-Community supply”. The VAT number can be checked using the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) . The VAT due on the transaction is payable on acquisition of the goods by the taxable customer in the Member State where the goods arrive. This is known as “intra-Community acquisition”. The customer accounts for any VAT due in his normal VAT return at the rate in force in the country of destination. »

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Customers' reviews
French window producer

They respect technology, control the quality of products, mark and pack according to our needs. And at the same time, the communication with them is a pleasure. Let it stay this way.

German construction company

Working with Win2Trade, I save time and alwys have windows on time. The offers are fully legible and clearly described. I buy wooden, aluminum, and PVC windows, and blinds. I chose Win2Trade because they are reliable and their prices – very competitive.

sells Windows in Germany

We have customers in various parts of Germany who order different quantities on delivery. We consciously chose Win2Trade and do not regret – ever.

renovates homes in France

They provide us with windows and shutters delivered sometimes to warehouses, other times directly to the construction place, any way we like. We always know when to expect delivery. They like what they do.

Belgian construction company

Various scenarios can occur on the construction site: someone destroys something, orders wrong, makes mistakes. Win2Trade quickly delivers anything we need and we are able to finish the construction according to the plan avoiding additional problems.

window seller from London

In London’s city center, windows must be a faithful copy of historical solutions. Win2Trade provides us with woodwork meeting these very demanding restricions.

architect from Great Britain

I send them projects and they prepare the offer including PVC windows, wooden windows, and aluminum doors.

Customers' reviews


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